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Wendy Davis alert – Now is a great time for $11.11

[This just in from Wendy Davis. If you want to make your donation count in more ways than one, act now] Heidi Li — There’s no time left to waste. The vote on the Texas leadership’s anti-women bill could come at any minute — and we’re just 79 contributors away from reaching 10,000 strong. Help us reach […]

New American Civil War Heats Up for 4th of July

The new American Civil War is over justice for women.  It does not quite break along the Mason-Dixon line – check out “TRAP” laws in various states here – but some Southern states have retained a real talent for engaging in subordination and oppression with a flair for the symbolic flourish.  As Americans prepare to […]

Show Rick Perry the power of $11.11

All eyes are on Texas today, but the drama at the end of the first special session of the 83rd state legislature is not likely to repeat itself — at least not yet. While Gov. Rick Perry has brought back the 150 members of the House and the 31 members of the Senate to deal […]