New American Civil War Heats Up for 4th of July

The new American Civil War is over justice for women.  It does not quite break along the Mason-Dixon line – check out “TRAP” laws in various states here – but some Southern states have retained a real talent for engaging in subordination and oppression with a flair for the symbolic flourish.  As Americans prepare to observe a holiday celebrating political and civil liberty, the North California state legislature is trying to quietly sneak through a bill similar to the one proposed by Rick Perry for Texas.

“They’re doing it quietly on 4th of July weekend because they’ve seen what’s going on in Texas and know that women will turn out,” Melissa Reed, VP of Public Policy for Planned Parenthood Health Systems said, referring to the protests surrounding a similar bill in Texas. She said Planned Parenthood and other pro-choice advocates had no idea the measure would be taken up today.

Using a holiday that commemorates the fight against political and civil tyranny as a dodge to engage in state-sponsored oppression – that’s not politics, that’s war.

Do read the news coverage.  Turns out the anti-women measures have been tacked on to a bill targeting Sharia as applied to family law: as  Christian lobbyists worry about the influence of Islamic family, the North Carolina Legislature focuses on depriving women of their civil rights as the country celebrates Independence Day.

You might want to send Wendy Davis $11.11. Or perhaps Planned Parenthood? In the name of liberty and justice for all.

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