Show Rick Perry the power of $11.11

All eyes are on Texas today, but the drama at the end of the first special session of the 83rd state legislature is not likely to repeat itself — at least not yet. While Gov. Rick Perry has brought back the 150 members of the House and the 31 members of the Senate to deal with unfinished business on abortion ….

In reality, it won’t, or shouldn’t, be much of a fight. The contentious abortion legislation in question, Senate Bill 5, initially failed to pass because the 30-day special session was quickly drawing to a close and Ms. Davis, assisted by her Democratic colleagues, could run out the clock. It was her show. A second special session is Mr. Perry’s show. He knows well that with 30 days to get his desired ends accomplished, both substantive and political, the minority party isn’t apt to repeat history. The Republicans have more than enough votes to pass the very same legislation, as the Democrats grudgingly acknowledge (though they mean to do everything they can, procedurally and otherwise, to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory). David’s victory over Goliath will be short-lived.

New York Times, July 1 2013 [emphasis added]

Whether Texas legislators can outmaneuver Rick Perry and Republican support for restricting women’s liberty and denying justice to all, I do not know.  But I do know that if Wendy Davis receives thousands and thousands  of contributions in the amount of $11.11, she, Rick Perry, and all politicians will sit up and take notice.  Every donation in that amount sends a powerful signal: Americans are sick of politicians subordinating women.  You can donate via the widget in the sidebar or through this link. State Senator Davis can use contributions to her campaign fund for any election race she enters.

For those donating to other progressive causes or politicians, may I respectfully recommend that we make $11.11 (or if you have it, $1100.11) your standard amount?  This could become a quick and easy way to communicate to all who track donations just how many of us expect organizations, candidates, and politicians to do all they can to accord women equal justice, politically and civically.

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