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Wendy Davis visits DC


Why it matters who becomes the next Governor of Texas

Wendy Davis seems to be stepping up her efforts to raise her national profile. She is coming to Washington DC, for a meet-and-greet fundraiser. Even though I am, like many in this economy, conserving my resources, I decided to invest in a ticket at the host level, because this is an investment in the future […]

Wendy Davis alert – Now is a great time for $11.11

[This just in from Wendy Davis. If you want to make your donation count in more ways than one, act now] Heidi Li — There’s no time left to waste. The vote on the Texas leadership’s anti-women bill could come at any minute — and we’re just 79 contributors away from reaching 10,000 strong. Help us reach […]

New American Civil War Heats Up for 4th of July

The new American Civil War is over justice for women.  It does not quite break along the Mason-Dixon line – check out “TRAP” laws in various states here – but some Southern states have retained a real talent for engaging in subordination and oppression with a flair for the symbolic flourish.  As Americans prepare to […]

Show Rick Perry the power of $11.11

All eyes are on Texas today, but the drama at the end of the first special session of the 83rd state legislature is not likely to repeat itself — at least not yet. While Gov. Rick Perry has brought back the 150 members of the House and the 31 members of the Senate to deal […]