Like fillibustering, money talks

I do not live in Texas.  I have never met State Senator Wendy Davis.  I just invested $11.11 in her political future. That donation is one dollar and one cent for every hour she stood filibustering a law proposed by the Republican, male governor of Texas, a bill that “would have shut down almost all the abortion clinics in the state, under the guise of expanded health and safety requirements”; a bill that also aims to ban abortion after 20 weeks with no exemption for women who are victims of rape or incest.

Davis is getting all sorts of media attention.  Now, we should make sure she gets all sorts of moolah.

For 11 hours Davis stood up, in pink sneakers, and talked about choice, women’s civil rights, and how the right to safe and legal abortion is essential to  women’s health and liberty.  Every man and woman in the country should contribute at least $11.11 to Wendy Davis, because unless all of us are free and safe, none of us are.  State Senator Davis gets that and she stood up in Austin and fought for it and she deserves the funding to make sure that she can do that without fear of being priced out or pushed out of office.

Lots of organizations and politicians are clamoring for our money.  Many of us have given and will give to political action groups and non-profit progressive organizations and to our preferred local and national candidates in upcoming primaries and elections. All to the good.  But we should not forget to reward, concretely and immediately, the people who speak up right now, in the heat of vitally important political battles, to preserve and protect our freedom, our health, our safety – people like Wendy R. Davis, who stand up for justice for all.

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