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Civil Society and Civil Rights: the significance of the award of the ABA Medal to Hillary Rodham Clinton

For Hillary Clinton’s immense accomplishments as a lawyer, the strides she made for women both professionally and civically, and for promoting the interests of the U.S. and human rights abroad, she not only deserves this honor, but also the gratitude of the legal profession and the nation. — American Bar Association President Laurel G. Bellows commenting […]

Food, race, culture, history – quite a recipe

Because of this, I have added to the blog roll Afroculinaria, by Michael W. Twitty.

Like fillibustering, money talks

I do not live in Texas.  I have never met State Senator Wendy Davis.  I just invested $11.11 in her political future. That donation is one dollar and one cent for every hour she stood filibustering a law proposed by the Republican, male governor of Texas, a bill that “would have shut down almost all the […]

Why the ERA

In 2012, the Democratic Party recommitted itself to passing the Equal Rights Amendment.  As we move toward the next midterm elections and on to 2016, we should pay attention to which candidates explicitly share the position. People have become too used to thinking about women’s rights – whether human, civil, or political – in a […]

The Value of Speaking Up

This speech by Hillary Clinton inspired me to reopen Heidi Li’s Potpourri. No idea how frequently I will blog or whether Secretary Clinton will be a major focal point. But her speech, which gains in substance and strength as it proceeds, reminded me of the value of speaking up.